Here, we are regularly supported by the CF Group Global Ltd Advisory Board and Syndicate. We believe this has a significant bearing upon the success of our portfolio companies, and therefore on investor returns.

They introduce investment opportunities to CF Group Global Ltd, they provide support and guidance to the portfolio companies, and they can co-invest their own money alongside CF Group Global Ltd investments.

We involve members of the Advisory Board and Syndicate at an early stage in our investment decision making process, often engaging members with relevant industry experience as part of our initial due diligence. This will enable us quickly to identify outstanding opportunities into which we can invest.

At CF Group Global Ltd we believe in a hands-on approach to assist investee companies where it is required. Together with the Advisory Board and the Syndicate, we can draw on relevant experience to provide support and guidance to mitigate risks and facilitate growth in portfolio companies.

If you are interested in joining the CF Group Global Ltd syndicate, please contact us.